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Monday -Wednesday   5:00 PM – 6:00 PM  Andulka Park  

The Riverside Huskies Track Club is dedicated to inspiring and engaging area youth to become active through the sport of running.

The mission of this organization is solely to develop and enhance each athlete’s ability to be a competitive member of the track and field team. Practice and participation are keys to enhancement.

The Riverside Huskies Track Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We provide our athletes with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and techniques of track and field, as well as good sportsmanship and leadership skills. We are sanctioned by the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and USATF (USA Track & Field) and compete during the outdoor seasons.

For additional comments and/or questions, please contact us anytime, thank you!

Recent Riverside Huskies News

Important Invitational Information

By Laronica Potts 03/11/2022, 3:45pm PST

Know where to check-in, sit, send your runners, etc. Please read!

The 10 East Invitational is a different kind of meet - it's a celebration of our teams and runners, an occasion to host other SoCal teams on our home track, and the season's first opportunity for official race times using the AccuTrack system. Later in the season our teams will visit other area invitationals where we will be their guests! 

Organizing these types of events takes a tremendous amount of time and coordination with the help of many parents and volunteers. You can help by staying aware of the following: 

  • Late registrations, changes, or add-ons can NOT be accepted now - there are no exceptions. Next and same day registrations are simply not possible. There are a number of steps that take place after the registration and that time has now closed. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • All bibs (athlete number) must be picked up at the start of the meet between 7-8:30 am. If you would like to leave and return for later events after receiving your bib, you are welcome to do so.
  • Please read this event information carefully. Note a small change to the order of events - relays will now take place at the start of the meet before the 1500.  
  • Please carefully review the attached map - note that 10 East check-in is at the next gate down from our usual entrance. Parents of 8 and unders, you will meet your runners at the Exit Gate 3 after their event. All runners need to use the outer sidewalk when returning from the exit gate to their seats. 
  • As you listen for the event calls, remember that your child's age group will be with the age they are turning (or turned) this year - even if that is December 2022. For example, a child born in November 2011 will run with the 11 year olds, even if they won't turn 11 until November. This is a national standard for track and field events.
  • Plan for a fun, and long day at the track. With so many eager runners, each event will take some time, even with our best organization efforts in place! The last events will likely run until dark. Tips were sent via Remind earlier this week and can be found under "Files."
  • Bring cash! Bibs are $10, parking is $5, and there will be concessions, raffle tickets, and great prize baskets to bid on! 

Thank you Parents! We know this is a lot so early in the season and we appreciate your participation and cooperation. With everyone's help, tomorrow should be a great event! 


First Meet of the Season

By Rachel Porter 03/03/2022, 4:15pm PST

Information for seasoned runners and new families

For newcomers to track and field there can be a lot of angst around the first meet - not knowing quite what to expect or how to best prepare your runner. Let me assure you, this first meet is intentionally casual and exclusive to 10 East runners precisely for this reason. There are limited events and everything moves a little slower to help our athletes, and their families, get familiar with the meets. That said, a few tips for first time families:

  1. There is a lot going on at any one time and it's important to be aware of the order of events and to listen to announcements around the time of your event. Youngest will be called first. 
  2. A runner needs a tag or number (called a bib) in order to participate in their event. When you arrive, check in with your team parent (or designated volunteer) who will have these for all registered participants. 
  3. If your athlete is also doing a field event, there is a possibility it will overlap with their running event. If that happens, always prioritize the running event and come back to the field event later. This is very normal and the coach running the event will know what to do. 
  4. Bring snacks, hydration, and shade. Larger meets can be several hours so plan accordingly. This weekend is forecasted to be cool, but especially as it heats up it is important to keep your runner cool and hydrated. Some families will pack tents and lunches and make a day of it while others pack lighter. I recommend experiencing a meet or two before deciding what will be best for your family. 
  5. If you like to know all the words, here's a list of common terms you'll hear at the meets. 



If you are a returning family or you've experienced track meets before, PLEASE consider volunteering. There are lots of roles that are critical to the smooth operation of each event and none of them require previous experience. You will absolutely be allowed to take a pause to watch your child(ren)'s events. 

Here is the volunteer form sent out from Remind earlier this week. Thank you! 




Welcome to the 2022 Season

By Rachel Porter 02/08/2022, 12:45pm PST

Important upcoming information

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